Over the past years, Mauritius has been attracting an increasing number of foreigners who have chosen to live, work or invest in the island.

Whether you are an investor, a working professional or a retiree our aim is to ensure a seamless relocation process. We will also assist you after your permit to the acquisition or rental of residential property, office premises and tax compliance services in Mauritius.

We are professional accountants and lawyers and are specialised in handling such processes for expatriates.


The Occupation Permit allows the holder to work and live in Mauritius for up to three years, after which the permit may be renewed.

Applicant Categories:

For the Investor & Self-Employed categories, JurisTax can assist you with the setting up and establishment of your local company as well as all related administrative and legal procedures.


The proposed business activity should generate an annual turnover exceeding MUR 4 million. The initial investment must be USD 100,000 payable in a local bank account.


The applicant must be under a contract of employment with a basic monthly salary exceeding MUR 30,000.


The annual income from the proposed business activity should exceed MUR 600,000 annually with an initial investment of USD 35,000 or its corresponding convertible foreign currency payable in a local bank account.


The Permanent Residence Permit authorises a non-citizen to live and/or work in Mauritius. The permit is renewable after 10 years. A non-citizen who has been granted a permanent residence permit entitled purchase an apartment for his private residence. JurisTax is ready and pleased to assist you in achieving this purpose.

Applicant Categories:


Applicant must have held an Occupation Permit for 3 years prior to the date of application for the PRP. Applicant’s company’s turnover must have been more than MUR 15 million annually during each of the 3 years in respect of each shareholder of the business.


Applicant must have held an Occupation Permit for 3 years prior to the date of application for the PRP Applicant’s basic monthly salary must amount to at least MUR 150,000 during the entire 3 year period.


A self-employed having held an Occupation Permit for 3 years immediately preceding the date of application for Permanent Residence Permit and whose income exceeded MUR 3 million annually.

Retired Non-Citizen:

A retired non-citizen having held a Residence Permit for 3 years and who has transferred to Mauritius USD 40,000 or its comparable currency annually during each of these 3 years.


The Residence Permit for Retired Non-Citizen enables a retired non-citizen to reside in Mauritius for 3 years after which the permit may be renewed.

Criteria for Eligibility:

To be eligible for a residence permit, the applicant should satisfy the following criteria: Be at least 50 years old; Make an initial transfer of at least USD 40,000, or the equivalent in convertible foreign currency when first settling in Mauritius. Transfer at least USD 40,000, or its equivalent in convertible foreign currency, per annum to his/her local bank account in Mauritius per annum

Terms & Conditions:

A holder of a residence permit for retired non-citizen and his dependents are not allowed to work in Mauritius. The permit holder is not allowed to remit to his country of origin or any country abroad the funds transferred into Mauritius or any balance thereof, except where the residence permit is cancelled. The individual should submit annually a statement from his local bank about the transfer of funds from abroad to his local account, along with a certificate to the effect that no money has been sent overseas from the account.



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